200kVA Event Hybrid Power Solution


200kVA Event Hybrid Power Solution

Solution Information

Below is an example of how you can use multiple battery battery systems powered from one large central 200kVA generator. In this example we are using the generator to power the main stage and the bar during the event hours 11am - Midnight. Outside of these hours the battery seamlessly takes over delivering a 45.8% reduction in generator runtime whilst maintaining a reliable, small, silent, emission free power feed to the fridges, amplifiers, lighting control systems etc.

The battery system is not powerful enough to run the whole bar and/or main stage during full operation, this is why we run the generator during these times. The battery is designed to maintain power to all the essential circuits outside of the event hours avoiding fridges warming up and sensitive electrical equipment building up condensation or requiring re-calibration.

An important issue to consider for these applications is the logistic challenges of getting equipment to and from the event.

System Benefits

The real benefits of the Green Power Hire system based on a 14 day period

System Comparison

How our system compares against the rest based on a 14 day period

Hybrid Power System

  • Fuel consumption - 6552.0L
  • Silent run hours - 154 hours
  • C02e emissions - 20.68 T
  • Generator run hours - 182 hours

Diesel Generator

  • Fuel consumption - 10211L
  • Silent run hours -0
  • C02e emissions - 32.23T
  • Generator run hours - 336 hours

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