Battery Only Zero Emission Solution


Battery Only Zero Emission Solution

Solution Information

Above is an example of how you can use one of our 75kWh battery systems without the need for a generator or alternative fuel source. In this example we have completely replaced the generator with our battery system to provide silent (great for the campsite), emission free power to the catering vehicle and the toilet blocks. As the event will only be running for a few days there is more than enough energy stored in the battery system to power the short term requirements needed at the event.

If the energy requirements at the event were higher or if the event was running for a longer period of time a small generator could be added to the system to re-charge the battery when required. Due to the short term application along with the small energy requirement this solution delivers a reduction in generator run time of 100%. An important issue to consider for these applications is the logistic challenges of getting equipment to and from the event.

System Benefits

The real benefits of the Green Power Hire system based on a 4 day period

System Comparison

How our system compares against the rest based on a 4 day period

Hybrid Power System

  • Fuel consumption - 0.0L
  • Silent run hours - 96 hours
  • C02e emissions - 0.0kg
  • Generator run hours - 0 hours

Diesel Generator

  • Fuel consumption - 237.6L
  • Silent run hours -0
  • C02e emissions - 750kg
  • Generator run hours - 96 hours

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