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Green Power Hire Solution 7

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Above is an example of a hybrid power solution combining a 100kVA diesel generator with one of our 45kVA 60kWh battery storage systems. In this example we have created a complete off grid EV charging solution allowing 8 vehicles to charge simultaneously at 7kW per vehicle. The battery system would control the generator starting and stopping the generator at the most efficient times to maximise fuel efficiency to charge the vehicles. The battery system could have up to 20 7kW charge points connected but it would only allow 8 vehicles to charge at any one time. Many plug in hybrid vehicles charge at a lower rate of 3.5kW meaning you could charge up to 16 vehicles simultaneously.

Although many people believe that using a diesel generator to charge electric vehicles has an element of irony, having one engine running at its maximum efficiency, fuelled by an alternative fuel such as HVO to charge multiple electric vehicles delivers a much greener solution than driving a combustion engined vehicle. Instead of a generator a small capacity grid connection could be used to trickle charge the battery system to avoid the generator altogether. Other sources of generation such as hydrogen and solar could also be considered but would significantly increase the cost of the solution.

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Hybrid Power System

  • C02e per mile - 51.3g

Diesel Vehicle - 35mpg

  • C02e per mile - 411g

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