Telecom 20kVA Full Hybrid Power Solution


Solution Information

Above is an example of a hybrid power solution combining a 20kVA diesel generator with one of our 45kVA 45kWh battery storage systems.

In this example we are running the solution in full hybrid mode. This means that the battery controls the generator automatically based on the battery charge level and the mast electrical load. When load is high the battery starts the generator and when the load drops low the generator is automatically stopped. The changeover between the battery and generator is seamless and delivers a minimum of a 50% reduction in generator run time.

If the mast has any nearby noise sensitive properties we can program the generator to only operate during daytime hours minimising the impact to the locals. The battery can also raise an alarm if the generator fails to start or stops unexpectedly. This gives you time to get to the generator and fix the issue without losing power to the mast itself maintaining telecom signal in the area.

System Benefits

The real benefits of our system based on a 28 day period

System Comparison

How our system compares against the rest based on a 28 day period

Hybrid Power System

  • Fuel consumption - 1209.6L
  • Silent run hours - 336
  • C02e emissions - 3.82T
  • Generator run hours - 336

Diesel Generator

  • Fuel consumption - 2116.8
  • Silent run hours -0
  • C02e emissions - 6.68T
  • Generator run hours - 672

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